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Belle WhittingtonSerial daydreamer, Inkslinger, Author of YA Paranormal Novels, Shopaholic, and Professional Nerd.

Join me as I begin my journey to publication. Here, I will post articles of interest, blogs, and interviews pertaining to Indie Publishing.

Check out a sample of my novel, CICADA, posted on my "About My Writing" page. I've also got some CICADA short stories posted here, as well.

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Looks like company is here to stay!

"I’ve been barking for 24 hours.  My voice isn’t hoarse, either.  So, I’ll just keep this barking up for now.  It seems like it’s working.  Besides, it’s SUPER FUN!"  ~Sascha Marie 

Three of my good author friends (from left to right) Paul Paul A. Bussard, Alan Berkowitz, and Alberto Arcia were signing books at Kroger in Willis, Texastoday. I stopped by to see them, and here’s the proof!  They’ll be signing books at Kroger again on Friday from 2-5. I hope my local peeps will come out and see them. You might even see me there, too! 

Lovelies, we’ve finally chosen a winner for a signed copy of Ali Cross, Author's AWESOME book, BLOOD CROWN. I lurved this book to the moon and back, and I encourage everyone to pick up a copy. You won't regret it! You can read my review of BLOOD CROWN and get to know the fabulous Ali Cross here!

And now for the winner. Drum roll, please! Nicole Counts is the winner chosen randomly by Rafflcopter! Nicole, please message Ali your mailing address! And, congrats to you!

Look Kristen! Coconut gelato!


Having a Coke with Jerry Hatchett ;)

The road to nowhere…

Having a coke with my bff!

CICADA has moved up to #44 in Science Fiction and #56 in Paranormal on #Wattpad! @wattpad

FIREFLY got another 5-Star review on Amazon! <3

Someone’s got company … or are they moving in?

Sascha Marie’s new bed is enormous! The brat loves it! ♡

I just supported Master For Tonight on @ThunderclapIt // @ElaineBarris

Climbing the charts to #55 in Sci-Fi and #83 in Paranormal. Have you stopped by to check out CICADA on #Wattpad? Woot!

This is happening this week and it’s long overdue! Thank you, Mel! ♡