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Belle WhittingtonSerial daydreamer, Inkslinger, Author of YA Paranormal Novels, Shopaholic, and Professional Nerd.

Join me as I begin my journey to publication. Here, I will post articles of interest, blogs, and interviews pertaining to Indie Publishing.

Check out a sample of my novel, CICADA, posted on my "About My Writing" page. I've also got some CICADA short stories posted here, as well.

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#MONARCH is now in the hands of @Edit_Torch, and I’m a ball of nerves!

Need an excellent editor? @editorch is the answer for all your editing needs!

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My package came today! Woohoo! @bellewhittington

I’m so glad it arrived safe and sound demiradio!!!!

Thank you so much for shopping at my ebay store! I <3 U lots!

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Asker demiradio Asks:
Oh that's perfect! So far, I am loving Everett. He is just too sweet! You did such a good job with his character. Definitely my favorite right now. I just know Firefly is gonna be a good one. I'm on the edge of my seat! And I CANT WAIT for the release of Monarch! Thank you for creating such a wonderful book and thank you for directing me to the link to order my personalized copy Firefly! You're awesome!
bellewhittington bellewhittington Said:

Oh, Everett.  His character really grows throughout Firefly and Monarch!  I can’t wait to hear what you think of Firefly! <3  Your message left me with *big smiles*!

Thank you for purchasing a signed copy of Firefly from my little store!  I’ll let you know when I ship it to you. 

OMG!  I’m soooooooo excited for you to read it!

Those who’ve read my books know my characters are #williswildkats at @WillisSchools. Today, I went shopping at Kroger and ran into some really cute #williswildkatcheerleaders and#williswildkatmascots!

They are super-sweet and are raising awareness of the Walk Across Texas fitness program. 

I’m joining in! Are you?

Asker demiradio Asks:
I met you at the Montgomery County Book Festival and picked up a copy of Cicada and had it signed by you. I started the book yesterday and finished it today and I am OBSESSED! Such a good story and I'm definitely looking forward to reading Firefly. I hope to see you at some more events this year to have my second book signed. I'm a big fan of yours and already can't wait for the third book to be released! Do you have any upcoming book signings?
bellewhittington bellewhittington Said:

Hi, Sweetheart!

Thank you so much for your sweet message!  OMG!  I’m sooooo happy you enjoyed CICADA!  Your message means so much to me! <3  So, tell me … who’s your favorite character so far?

My next scheduled book signing (right now…it could change at any time) is in August.  However, if you don’t want to wait for that long to get FIREFLY, I’ve got an online store where you can purchase an autographed book.  I’ll personalize it for you, too!  Here’s the link:

MONARCH will release this summer!  YAY!

At book events, each person who buys my books receives a tiny alien along with other SWAG items. Dawn Hampton Costello of Up All Night Reading, it’s what I do shared this picture of her tiny alien having a grand ole time at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill!!!! 

Where have you and your alien been hanging out?