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When it came to Cicada by Belle Whittington I wasn’t quickly sold. I’ve been played and duped by gorgeous covers before, and Cicada, without a doubt, has a gorgeous cover. It wasn’t until I had the chance to dig into the synopsis that I realised how intrigued I was to discover what the title was about. You see, it doesn’t really dig deep into what the novel is about or what happens, it leaves the reader with an overwhelming sense of mystery that will have them clawing their eyes out in frustration. Was I curious? Oh, curiouser then a cat. Luckily, my wonderful blogger friend Bree from The Magic Attic contacted me in regards to participating in the Cicada blog tour she was organizing and I happily leapt at the opportunity to finally quench my thirst for this mysterious novel with the wickedly anticipating premise.

Unsuspecting And Out Of This World
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