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Character Profile: Blair
Name:  Blair Reynolds
Age: 17 years old
Physical Description:  Blair has shoulder-length light brown hair like her mom and brown eyes like her brother, Andrew.  She has an average build, and is your typical 17 year old in regards to appearance.  Blair doesn’t primp much, unless she thinks she’ll be seeing Everett.  It’s much easier for her if she pulls her hair back into a ponytail and pulls on a clean shirt and jeans.  Although she likes flip-flops in the summer, she’s been known to wear cowgirl boots…especially while working at the ranch with Grandpa.  Sometimes, she’s got those boots on with a pair of shorts.
Location:  Blair lives in a small, inconsequential town somewhere north of Houston, Texas.  What’s the town’s name?  Why, it’s Willis, of course! ;-)
Who She Lives With:  Blair lives with her mother and brother, Andrew.  Her mother is a widow.  She had another brother, Aaron, who was Andrew’s twin.  But he died the night their father died.  You’ll have to read Cicada to see how and why they both died that fateful night. 
Likes:  Blair loves working with animals and plans to be a large animal veterinarian one day and take over Grandpa’s clinic.  She has worked with him in his clinic and on his ranch since she was a small child, and she knows a great deal about horses and cattle…and how to use a bovine tranquilizer dart.  Blair also likes Everett…very, very much.

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